TEL: 800 344-2460

255 Main Street Park City, Utah

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A 4-Diamond “Eco-tique” Hotel in the Heart of Park City, Utah

TEL: 800 344-2460

255 Main Street Park City, Utah

Treasure Mountain Inn

Guiding Principals


The Treasure Mountain Inn’s Guiding Principles

Above all, we want to be proud of what we do, no matter the size of the endeavor. Dreaming is fun. Talking is easy.  Showing up and doing what you dream and say is good, hard work.  And the product of that good, hard work--the things we do--is what the world knows us by. These are the CAN-DO's of Treasure Mountain Inn:

CAN DO:  In an era of international franchises and grand boutique hotels, we fancy ourselves the little engine that can.  We're small, but that means we’re nimble, responsive, unique, and lead with a lot of heart.  We see new challenges in place of problems, and we just don't quit.

DO MORE WITH LESS:  Bigger is not always better.  Opulence does not guarantee quality.  We target our approach to every amenity, service, and choice to minimize our footprint while maximizing the guest and staff experience.  We strive for elegance over extravagance by providing a comfortable, friendly, and dignified product with as little waste as possible. 

DO WELL, SO WE CAN DO GOOD:  We happily give a portion of every dollar earned to preserve and protect the environment that makes this such a special place.  Park City’s mountain setting, clean air, pure water, fresh snow, and abundant trails are our product.  The consistent support of our staff and clientele gives us the means to steadily reinvest in these natural treasures.

DO IT FOR FUN:  We live most people’s vacation.  We moved to a resort because we love to play.  Work is what we do—not who we are—but we spend a lot of time doing it, so we’d prefer to be having fun!  Never forget our good fortune, and never hesitate to share.

DO BETTER:  We are committed to growing, learning and improving.  We strive to be a ‘responsible company’ with the ultimate goal of sustainability.  We endeavor to balance the triple bottom line—people, planet, profit—to make us a better place to work, stay, and thrive.  We pledge ourselves to progress.