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255 Main Street Park City, Utah

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A 4-Diamond “Eco-tique” Hotel in the Heart of Park City, Utah

TEL: 800 344-2460

255 Main Street Park City, Utah

Our Eco Efforts:

A People-friendly & earth-friendly hotel.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Recycle: Treasure Mountain Inn has an extensive recycling program (started in 1996) which includes paper, glass, plastic, aluminum, tin, newspaper and cardboard, as well as responsible e-waste disposal.  Recycling centers can be found at each entry point, in the lobby and in every room.  We also sort our garbage for additional recyclables.  Our amenities are packaged in recyclable tubes and made from recycled materials.  Our used soaps are recycled and given to the Clean the World Program which reconstitutes them for use in 3rd world countries.  All TMI paper products are made from recycled paper.  Our carpet purchases prioritize recycled and recyclable carpet.  Treasure Mountain Inn has been awarded twice as the Utah Business recycler of the year (2005 & 2006)


Reduce: On the 2009 Winter Solstice we celebrated the lengthening days by "firing up" our 18-panel photovoltaic system which powers our courtyard lighting and hot tub’s mechanical components.  We have reduced our energy consumption by retrofitting the hotel with fluorescent/LED lighting (over 2000 bulbs & fixtures), installing EnergyStar appliances, motion sensor lighting, high-efficiency heat and cooling systems (up to 21 SEER), and choosing to eliminate the pool.  We further reduced our water consumption by installing water-conserving shower heads, faucets and toilets.  Treasure Mountain Inn also encourages guests to re-use their towels and bed linens.  In the public areas, we installed waterless urinals which are conservatively estimated to save 40,000 gallons per year. Additionally, the Inn has been minimizing paper consumption (since 2003) by streamlining paperwork, emphasizing electronic documents, on-line banking, and focusing upon digital marketing collateral.  When paper is required, TMI uses recycled paper, reduces paper sizes, and prints on both sides.


Offset: The Inn purchases 120% of its electric (781,200KWH) as Wind Power making it a Visionary level partner in the Rocky Mountain Power Blue Sky Program. Treasure Mountain Inn is also the first Utah hotel to go carbon neutral by offsetting its remaining carbon footprint--mostly gasoline and natural gas-- with Carbon Offsets from Clean Air-Cool Planet (facilitated by Native Energy). Treasure Mountain Inn is an EPA certified Green Power Partner.


Other: Due to our central location, we strongly encourage guests to leave their cars at home and to take advantage of Park City's free public transportation.  Groups requiring Food & Beverage are treated to homemade foods made with mostly organic and natural ingredients.  In addition to earth friendly shampoos and soaps, we use bio-friendly cleaning products whenever practicable.  Our landscaping utilizes indigenous plants irrigated by an efficient drip irrigation system. We emphasize locals-only employment and half our management staff walks to work and the only business vehicle is a hybrid.


Giving back: Treasure Mountain Inn is a member of the Green Hotel Association and the first hotel to join 1% for The Planet. 1% For the Planet is an alliance of businesses committed to leveraging their resources to encourage a healthier planet. Members pledge to donate at least 1% of their revenues to environmental organizations. Since 2004 we have given over $165,000 to our earth-protecting partners: Conservation AllianceMountain TrailsSouthern Utah Wilderness AllianceRecycle UtahSummit Land ConservancyThe Access FundUtah Open LandsUtah Nature ConservancyUtah Sierra ClubUtah Rivers Council and Vital Ground.