Public Transportation is Our Future!

So often we find that the only real use for a car is getting from and back to the airport, and we have the answers for that:

Park City Transportation

Park City Transportation's Shared-Ride Service For groups of fewer than 3 passengers.

Park City Xpress

Xpress Airport Private ShuttleThe cost is $109 each way (up to 3 passengers); $119 each way (up to 5 passengers); $149 each way (up to 10 passengers). Not per person, per vehicle! So why wouldn't you leave the driving to the pros?

Once you've arrived, we couldn't be more convinced you should avail yourselves of the public transportation opportunities that abound here in Park City. Easy peasy. 


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Top 10 reasons to get out of your car


10. Only the guys who drive the plows have driven more in snowy conditions.

9. You can keep talking or texting on your phone and not risk a ticket.

8. It's a perfect opportunity to get the lay of the land before you get to town. Talk to the driver.

7. There's plenty of parking at the hotel, but everywhere else you go you'll be jockeying with the other neophytes who haven't discovered the city-wide free bus.

6. The walk to the Town Lift is the warm-up you need to ski all day.

5. The walk from the parking lot is easily as long as to the town lift.

4. The hotel provides a morning shuttle to each of the 3 ski areas in Parley's Canyon--PCMR, Deer Valley and the Canyons--but only if you're carless.

3. You can offset a little of the carbon you used flying here.

2. The locals know a tourist when they get behind one on the road. (You know what I'm talking about.)

1. It's part of the ski town adventure.