Park City is a lively town of 8,000 people located 7,000 feet above sea level, with 9,026 skiable acres in the Winter, and hundreds of miles of sweet single-track in the Summer. You could consider us the "Best Town Ever".

Uniquely Park City

Park City is known for its world-class recreation, but our shopping, arts and eats aren't far behind.

Winter in Park City

Winter Recreation With Park City Mountain, the largest ski resort in North America, in our backyard and Deer Valley Resort, one of the top ranked resorts, in our front yard, it's pretty hard to beat Park City's winter recreation. 

Park City Summer

Summer Recreation The saying "I came for the winter, but I stayed for the summer" is spot on.  If you've visited Park City in the summer you know. If you haven't what are you waiting for? 

Treasure Mountain Dining

Dining Where do you start? Just outside of our doorstep is a pretty good place. The culinary scene in Park City is pretty tasty!

Park City Nightlife

Nightlife You may have heard that it can be hard to get a drink in Utah. You have heard wrong. With more than 50 bars and restaurants within walking distance of TMI you won't go thirsty. 

Historic Park City

Historic Park City With more than 200 locally owned shops, galleries and restaurants Historic Park City is a gem among riches, and we are in the heart of it. 

Park City Museum

Park City Museum The Park City Museum is a nonprofit organization which studies and celebrates Park City's history through exhibitions, research, preservation and educational events. 

Park City